10 tips you need to know to improve your crochet skills

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Improve your crochet skills!!!! why does one need to do that. You can create pretty crochet stuff isn’t that enough. Well before I start with the tips that I am writing the blog for. Let us discuss why you need these tips and why you should improve.

I have been crocheting for more that 25 years now and every other day I stumble upon something of the other that I did not know before. When you improve on the little thing it adds up with good results. Here is what that will do.

Why improve you crochet skills

1. Get better results

Improving your crochet skills and techniques will help you create better crochet pieces that are more professional looking. This is great if you are making something as a gift. I you can create a professional looking crochet piece it will sell better if you want to take up crochet as a business.

2. Get more creative

If you are skilled with the basic crochet techniques you will feel confident trying out more complex patterns or even designing your own crochet patterns to enhance and express your creativity through crochet with confidence.

3. Save time

If you work on improving your crochet skills you will be less likely to make mistakes and will not have to undo the crochet projects. You will be less likely to make mistakes. If you are skilled properly then you wont struggle with the basic stitches and techniques. This will save a lot of time and frustration.

4. Learn new techniques

As mention in the previous point if you are skilled with the basics of crochet you will be confident to try out new techniques and mot advanced crochet stitches. This will again help boost your confidence and the crochet journey will be more exciting and fun.

5. Make crocheting enjoyable

With all the basics in place you will experiment more and learn new stitches and patterns. This will expand you range of crocheting making the hobby more enjoyable and interesting. If you are skilled and confident with the basics of crochet leveling up your techniques will be much more easy.

All in all- What I intend to say is that there is always scope for improvement no matter for how many years you have been crocheting or how make crochet pieces you have created. Crochet learning as any other skill is a continuous process. So take every chance that you get to learn and improve your crochet skills and make you crochet journey fun and enjoyable and more creative by the day.

With all this being said let us jump to the 10 tips to improve your crochet skills. If you are still reading the post that means you are convinced that there is always scope and need for improvement. So let us dive into the 10 tips.

10 tips to improve your crochet skills

Let us now one by one see the 10 tips to improve your crochet skills. You might already know some of these.

1. Choose the right crochet hook to improve you crochet skills

Crochet hook is the main tool used for crocheting. So getting the hook right is the first and foremost thing that you should focus on. I am a crochet hoarder. I have about 10 different crochet hook sets. But I use only 2 of them. A crochet hook is not and expense but it is an investment. When you get in that mindset you are good to go. Invest in a good crochet hook which you find most comfortable. It is all about personal preference. I like to use the ergonomic hooks. As these are soft on hangs and perfect for crocheting for long hours. Your crochet hook should be of good quality that is it should have a comfortable grip on your hands and it should be smooth so that it passes through the threads or yarn easily.

I have a detailed post about the different crochet hooks that are available based on the technique, size and materials they are made of. You can read it here.

I use the knitpro hooks, you can buy one for yourself with the links below:For India (Affiliate link)

Buy here

For other countries (Clover hooks- not very economical)

Buy here

2. Choosing the right yarn

After crochet hooks the second most important material for crochet is the yarn or the thread. To improve you crochet skills choosing this carefully is really important. The choice of the correct yarn will depend on a number of factors and you will have to consider them all. Like the project that you are making. If you want to make an afghan use a thick yarn or you can also go for a textured one. But if you are making coaster a fine yarn is recommended and cotton would be preferable. Other than that you’ll also have to consider for whom the project is for. Loke if it some thing for a baby you need to be extra careful while selecting the materials as their skin is very soft and sensitive. Where as for an teenager or adult you can experiment with different materials.

To summarize the choice of the right yarn will make or break the project. So pay extra attention so that you do not waste your time and energy on making something that does not appeal to you.

3. Practice the basic stitches to improve your crochet skills

The third tip is very very important for you to improve your crochet skills. Practice practice and practice. It is really important to get the basics right to avoid frustration at a later stage. You should practice enough for the stitch to go into your muscle memory that is you should not have to think before you make a stitch your hands should automatically do that for you.

4. Experiment to improve your crochet skills

Experimenting is the best way to learn and improve. How will you know if something works or if you like it till you do it yourself and see. Am I right. So experiment as much as you can.

5. Learn form others to improve your crochet skills

Improving you crochet skills also means learning something new. You can always learn from other crocheters. Learn from courses, classes patterns and youtube videos. Here is my youtube channel if you want just have a look. If you like working with written pattern if have a few free patterns on my website and you can also check out my etsy shop for patterns to purchase.

7. Join a crochet community to improve you crochet skills

Crochet communities are a safe and comfortable place to learn and grow. These are groups of like minded people who are there to learn and share just like you. It is a good place to ask questions to get responses and also to get feedbacks. I have an exclusive facebook community for crocheters. Here is the link. Feel free to join if you want.

6. Use high quality materials

Crocheting takes time and effort so investing in good quality materials is always a good idea. Also the quality of the materials give a good finishing to your products. It also helps you crochet with ease thus improving your crochet skills

8. Control you crocheting tension

Your crocheting tension is critical for the project. The general rule to crochet with a slightly loose tension. But this is not always true. It will depend on the project that you ae making. For a wearable loose tension will create a soft comfortable fabric. But when crocheting a basket, bag or organizer you’ll want it to hold its shape so a tight tension is needed. So adjust your crocheting tension based on the project that you are doing.

9. Block your finished piece

Blocking is another way to improve your crochet skills. It is a process that will give your finished project a crisp and professional look. I will not go in details of blocking your crochet pieces here as I already did a full blog post on it that includes the different method of blocking. You can read it here.

10. Take breaks to give rest to your eyes and hands

You will always crochet better when you are relaxed and you feel good. So it is a good idea to take small breaks in between the crocheting sessions to give your hands and eyes time to relax and rest.

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