About Me

Hi, I am Natasha!

Founder, designer, and creator at my creative butterfly. 

A self-taught artist crocheting for more than 20 years.Most of my creations are inspired by nature mostly flowers.

My expertise are crocheted realistic flowers and micro-miniatures……..

My Workspace

My Pets


In addition to these I am in the process of learning to crochet with different metal wires like- copper and alluminium.

My creativity is not just confined to crochet. There are a few different crafts that I learned along the way.

Knitting, needle tatting, loom knitting, u-pin crochet, broomstick crochet, Tunisian crochet, bead rope crochet, Irish crochet and loom flowers.

Materials I love

Let me share a little about what materials I like to use for my crochet projects.

First comes the natural fibers. Examples – are cotton, jute, wool, and hemp.

Second are the synthetic fibers- acrylic, nylon, and polyester.

Third is my most  favourite. The upcycled yarn from old worn out clothes.

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