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Lets start with a brief introduction of what crochet is before moving to your first crochet project. Crochet is a fiber art that involves a hook and a yarn. Crochet comes from a French word word crochet which means a small hook. The craft is made by creating small knots in the yarn with the help of the hook.

There a number of different stitches which can be mixed and matched in combinations to create textures and lace patterns. Crochet can be a little tricky in the beginning but with practice it becomes easier. long with being an interesting hobby crochet also has a lot of mental and physical health benefits. You can read about them here.

With time crochet has evolved a lot. Starting from the hooks to the yarn and various other tools that help in the process. The crochet hooks have changed drastically in design. The modern hooks are super comfortable to use and there is a huge variety available out there. You can choose as per your personal preference and frequency and comfort of use.

The yarns available has also changed a lot. The acrylics have opened a whole new world for the crocheters. These are economical and available in a huge variety.

All this being said. When you are starting to crochet there are a few thing that you keep in mind before selecting your first crochet project. There a number of reasons and ways to do that. I will discuss them all in brief today.

Keep some important things in mind to get started right and make crocheting a fun journey.

Points to notice when selecting your first crochet project

1. Skill level assessment of your first crochet project

The first and fore most thing to keep in mind while selecting the first crochet project is the skill level. When taking a crochet class or watching a youtube video or making something with a pattern it is always mentioned that what skill level is it suitable for. Always select a suitable skill level. If skill level is not mentioned I would advice not to make the project in the beginning of your crochet journey. Or ask the designer for help. They usually reply and then you’ll be sure if the pattern is suitable for your skill level.

With a written pattern for your first crochet project go through the entire pattern once. Read everything carefully and understand all the instructions. When you are sure that you understand each and everything then only start making the project. If not do research or contact the designer for help.

2. Available time

Before starting with your first crochet project it is important that you consider the time you’ll get to crochet. If you are working a day job or have kids or someone in the family to take care of take everything into consideration. Because for me unfinished projects are not soothing to see 🙁

Make sure that you choose a project that you can finish in a few days comfortably. In the beginning of your crochet journey it is motivating to have a few finished crochet projects at hand. This will also boost your confidence. So when selecting your first crochet project take the time available in consideration. If you have a lot of time at hand a throw or an Afghan can be a good choice but with lesser time go for smaller projects like coasters earrings charms etc.

3. Budget

Now that you considered the time you have and the difficulty level of the project the next thing to consider is your budget. Budget will decide the project that you will make along with the hook and the yarn and the other supporting tools that you will use. When starting with your first crochet project i would say that start with the economical acrylics or other artificial fibers. Natural fibers are expensive and when learning obviously you will waste quite a lot of fiber in practice.When selecting the hook. Do not cut down on the cost. Buy a good quality hook that is smooth an sturdy. You wont require a fancy hook. But getting a good quality decent hook is an investment.

If you are from India here is a list of the links where you can purchase the hooks and yarns on Amazon.in
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Crochet hook set

Crochet hook set Clover (Expensive)

Acrylic yarn

Acrylic yarn

4. Personal preferences

The last point you need to consider when selection your first crochet project is your personal preference. What you like or enjoy the most. What excites you. What you want to make. If I am into blankets then starting with an crochet earring might not work for me. So think and choose what will give you joy and accordingly select the project. See if you like home décor, wearables, earrings or amigurumi etc. and accordingly choose.

5. Look online for patterns and inspirations

To start you can look online for patterns and tutorials. I have linked my youtube channel abouve and in case you want written patterns here is the link to my etsy shop. There are tons of free and paid patterns to look for. My favorites’ go to places are Ravelry.com and Pinterest.com

6. Join a crochet community

The next best thing that you can do is joining any crochet community either online or offline. This will give you a safe place to share your progress and ask questions. I have and exclusive crochet facebook community. You can join it here if you want.

Different crochet projects perfect for a beginner

  • Scarves
  • Neck warmers and cowls
  • Hats
  • Dishcloth
  • Coasters
  • Granny squares and blankets
  • Amigurumi and toys
  • Fingerless mittens
  • Earrings, necklaces and anklets
  • Doilies and mats
  • Head bands

Here are the links to a my youtube channel if you want to try any of my tutorials to begin with : Mycreativebutterfly

I hope this heled. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have. Connect with me on social media.

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